Cool Roof: Transforming Your Roof For Savings

When it is time to replace your roofing, saving money is most likely on your mind. The roofing that you choose can impact your future energy costs. To help lower your energy costs, you can choose a cool roof. No matter what type of roofing material is installed, you can have a cool roof. Metal Roofing A metal roof has a longer lifespan that most other roofing materials, but they can be poor reflectors of the sun.

4 Types Of Faucet Innovations Coming To New Homes

Faucets have been around since 1700 B.C.E. And, while other areas of homes have seen dramatic upgrades, such as lighting and design, the faucet has remained relatively the same—that is, until now. Here are four faucets starting to hit the markets and find their way into new home construction. Faucets That Measure You might know someone that can run a pan under a faucet and measure out two cups using only their eyes.