Building Trusses And How To Add Custom Ceilings To The Design Of Your Project

If you are planning on using trusses for a construction project, there may be some custom features that you want to have added to their design. These custom features can include ceilings, which will also require a little extra work once the trusses have been installed. So, how can custom ceilings be added to building designs when using trusses?

Designing the trusses to prepare for custom ceilings

The trusses' design is where you want to start if you are planning on adding custom ceilings to your project. The trusses need to be designed to accommodate ceiling features that include:

  • Tray ceilings
  • High ceilings with planter shelves
  • Vaulted and arched ceiling designs

These are some of the custom ceiling design features that will need to be added when they are manufactured. Therefore, you will want to talk with the truss company about your project and where plans require custom ceilings in the design.

Preparing the structure for custom-designed trusses

When you have trusses that have custom features for ceilings and other details, the structure needs to be prepared. Some of the design features may require walls at different heights or partial roof framing that needs to be completed before the trusses can be installed. Work with the truss company to design the trusses and complete drawings that detail these features. This work needs to be done before trusses are installed, and the ceilings can be completed.

Finishing built-in custom ceiling designs before drywall

The custom ceilings often need to be finished after the trusses are installed. This is due to some of the limitations of trusses. Therefore, there is often going to be minor blocking and framing that needs to be done to complete tray ceilings or vaulted designs. When installing the blocking, another option is to add more details to the original truss ceilings to give your project more of a custom design.

Adding custom ceilings beneath trusses after installation

Sometimes,  the custom ceilings need to be built beneath the trusses after they have been installed. This is common if you want to add custom tray ceilings beneath the trusses or vaults in areas that cannot have these features incorporated into the trusses. Usually, these custom ceilings are not structural, so the wood framing that is done here can be lighter to reduce material costs.

If you want to add custom ceilings to the trusses' design, these are some of the different ways this can be done. Call a truss service and start discussing the design of building trusses with custom ceilings.