Is A Pool Enclosure A Beneficial Upgrade For You?

Most in-ground swimming pools have some type of fencing installed around them, but did you know that there is another type of enclosure that will protect your pool from intruders, keep the inside of the structure clean, and even allow year-round swimming? A flat, low-profile, or standing enclosure provides varying levels of privacy and access to your pool.

A Flat Enclosure

If you use a standard cover to protect your pool, you probably have no intention of swimming until the following summer. Most people winterize their pools and secure a cover like this to prevent debris from dirtying the pool water. Even when a cover like this is used, debris falls on top of the cover's surface, and this residue may fall into the water when the cover is removed, especially if twigs, leaves, and debris have accumulated along the edges of the cover.

If you are content with swimming solely during the summer and would like to continue to keep your pool covered and out of bounds during the winter, a flat enclosure will be adequate for your needs. This type of enclosure is retractable, which will allow ease of access when you would like to use your pool. The retractable feature will prevent the dumping of debris into the pool but will make it very convenient for you to expose the pool when you would like to get ready for summer swimming sessions.

A Low Profile And A Standing Enclosure

A low profile enclosure will provide sufficient protection, assist with the heating of the pool water, and will make it possible for you to use the swimming pool throughout the year. You will have limited access around the pool and won't be able to stand up and walk around, but you will be provided with plenty of room for swimming. If you would like to transform your swimming pool into one that can be used every day in a normal manner, then a standing enclosure is the best type of enclosure for you.

This type of enclosure will be a permanent structure that may contain glass panes and a wooden frame. You can access the pool via an entry point that is included in the enclosure's design. The temperature inside of the enclosure will remain warm and comfortable even on the coldest days of the year. You will also have plenty of room to stand up, walk along the deck, and relax on a lounge chair. Contact a building contractor for assistance with the design and installation of this type of enclosure.

Ask your pool professional about pool enclosures to learn more about your options.