Things That Will Damage Your Sewer Enough That A Sewer Cleaning Cannot Fix It

Plumbers are able to fix all kinds of sewer issues with a simple sewer cleaning. However, there are just some items that will permanently damage your sewer pipes, and nothing short of a complete replacement of these pipes is going to fix the problem. If you are experiencing a sewer line problem, and you call out the plumber to fix it, the plumber may tell you that the problem cannot be fixed. If that is the case, that is because one or more of the following is causing a problem in your drain. 

Somebody Thought They Could Flush a Diaper

If you recently had family visiting with a baby, some people actually think that they can flush baby wipes and diapers down a toilet. The truth is, that is far worse than women who flush maxi pads, because diapers, no matter how small, are bigger, more absorbent, and are not made to be flushed. Wet wipes are just as bad because they are not designed to break up in a sewer pipe. A single diaper change and flushing it with wipes down your toilet will cause such a backup clog that it will be impossible to clear the line without taking apart the pipe to get to that mess. 

A Fatty Diet

The more fat that is in your diet, the more fat that is in your feces. Guess what happens to fatty feces? They turn into a greasy sludge in your drain pipes and begin to stick to the walls of the pipes like fat plaques in clogged arteries. The next thing you know, you have raw sewage in the basement, and it refuses to drain. A plumber has to run a scraping auger through the pipes repeatedly before the line is cleared and before it may actually function again. If that happens, you may want to eat more produce and less eggs, meat, and cheese if you do not want to repeat this kind of drain cleaning and sewer line repair. 


There are just some chemicals that should never go down a sewer drain. Likewise, there are chemicals that should never go down a septic line, either. If these chemicals are caustic enough to eat holes in cast iron pipes over time, then they are the same chemicals that should never enter your home. If you have anything less than cast iron sewer pipes, then you definitely do not want these chemicals in the sewer or septic lines!