3 Surprising Facts About Your Furnace

The heating and cooling system is important for many reasons. While it does keep your family comfortable during the different temperatures, the heating and cooling system is also responsible for protecting your indoor air quality. Most homeowners think they understand their system but are surprised to learn a few interesting facts about how it works. This guide will teach you a few surprising facts about your furnace, so you will better understand how your home is heated.

Doesn't Last Forever

Even though some may not be surprised by this fact, your furnace is not meant to last forever. The constant use through the cooler seasons will place stress on this component of your heating system. without proper maintenance, this stress can cause your furnace to fail, reducing your ability to heat your home.

The sooner you realize it will not last forever, the sooner you can replace your furnace. On average, today's furnace models can last up to 30 years. However, if your furnace is 15 years of age or older, it may be time to invest in a new one.

They Help your Plumbing Too

Furnaces create and move heated air into the home to keep you, your family, and your belongings warm when temperatures are colder outside. Heating your home and family is important, but your furnace can help your plumbing system too.

When temperatures drop to freezing or below freezing levels, your underlying pipes, spigots, and plumbing fixtures are at risk of freezing. If the water remaining in these pipes and fixtures do freeze, the pipes and fixtures can crack and fail, leading to costly leaks that cause water damage and even the loss of your home's water supply.

Your furnace does heat your home, but it also heats the parts in your home, meaning it will keep your pipes and plumbing fixtures warm even when temperatures are at and below freezing outdoors.

Maintenance Is Imperative

Proper installation and use will help ensure your furnace is working in an efficient manner, but maintenance is also necessary to protect its function and prolong its lifespan. Thankfully, maintaining your furnace is not that difficult.

Cleaning the interior components, such as the blower motor, fan blades, and burners will help remove dirt and dust, which ensures your furnace is blowing air efficiently through the system. Replacing the filter regularly is also imperative since a clogged air filter will block airflow through the system.

With proper understanding, your furnace will heat your home and family in the most efficient manner possible. For more information on your furnace, to schedule a replacement, or for general maintenance, contact a contractor like McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc. today.