Three Advantages Of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is an alternative type of siding material that can be used on both homes and commercial properties. As its name would suggest, fiber cement is made out of cement that is reinforced with threads of cellulose, in a similar method to how fiberglass is plastic that is reinforced with threads of glass. This distinctive method of construction gives fiber cement siding a number of benefits when applied to a building. Understanding what a few of the largest advantages associated with fiber cement siding are can help you decide if it is the right choice for your home or business's siding.

Resistances and Durability

The main advantage of choosing to install fiber cement siding over other types of siding material is the fact that fiber cement is highly durable and resistant to most types of environmental damage. As reinforced cement, this type of siding is able to withstand a great deal of physical trauma without cracking or breaking. Further, it is moisture resistant, which means that rotting, warping, and other forms of water damage will not occur, and it is completely resistant to pest infestations and rust and corrosion damage as well. This means that fiber cement siding is not likely to rack up massive repair or replacement bills when compared to other types of siding material.

Appearance and Customization

Another benefit associated with fiber cement siding is the fact that it can come in a wide range of different colors and textures, allowing you to completely customize the look of the exterior of your property to whatever you want. Further, fiber cement siding can be textured to mimic the appearance of other siding materials, like wood, allowing you to enjoy the appearance of other types of siding while still benefiting from the distinctive material qualities of fiber cement siding.

Fire Protection

Fiber cement is also very highly resistant to fire and heat damage, which is a major benefit for property owners who are living in areas that are prone to wildfires and intense heatwaves in the summer. This fireproof nature can help reduce the risk of a fire starting in your home, and can also help slow the spread of a fire that does occur in your home, giving people inside more time to escape – an important safety consideration. You should also check with your property insurance provider to see if fiber cement siding will reduce your premiums due to its fire-resistant nature.

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