The Three Best Exterior Upgrades

Every homeowner wants their property to be the most stylish on the block. There will definitely come a point when all of your neighbors seem to be making stylish exterior upgrades that are, by comparison, making your home look old and out of place. Honestly, some homeowners are driven to remodel their home simply because so many of their neighbors are making improvements. Even though it might seem like peer pressure, your worries aren't necessarily unfounded. After all, a home that is more recently updated is going to sell for more. Basically, if all of your neighbors are upgrading their properties, it will distort the market, and could even reduce the valuation of your property. In a competitive housing market you need to compare your home to your neighbors when it comes to valuation. So, what are the three most cost-effective exterior home upgrades for people who plan on selling?


Painting is the most obvious and immediate upgrade that you can make. By painting your outside walls you can essentially redefine your home. A new color can make your entire home, and not just the walls, look rejuvenated. This project is also very practical because it it is so cheap for homeowners who are going to do their own painting. The supplies are cheap, the labor is a affordable, and the project is even more cost effective if you do it yourself. Even if you do pay a paint contractor, it is still a cheap project.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a more expensive, but equally achievable, home improvement project. Most people will smartly let professionals handle their roof replacement. While painting your walls simply changes the style, changing the roofing material does this and much more. If you upgrade to a modern roofing product, you will be installing something with much better insulation and efficiency ratings.

Window Replacement

Window replacement is another popular investment for people who are going to sell their home soon. It doesn't have such a big impact on the style of your home, but it can greatly affect insulation and efficiency. New windows will be handy and convenient because they are bound to be easier to use than your current fixtures. If your current windows are leaking, and hard to use, replacing them will instantly increase your home insulation. Remember, window replacement isn't something you should do on your own. Talk with a window replacement services company if you are thinking about the job. 

Best of all, if you invest in all three of these upgrades, your home will be completely new.