3 Signs Of A Problematic Wall Oven And The Likely Causes

Wall ovens are an excellent feature to have in your kitchen. They do not take up floor space and are much easier to navigate to because of their position up off of the ground. Plus, having the wall oven allows you to have double places to bake if you have a regular range as well. However, wall ovens are not infinite appliances; occasionally, they will have their problems and will need a little attention from an appliance repair professional. Here is a quick look at some of the problems that can come up with a wall oven and their likely causes. 

Problem: The surrounding walls of the oven get hot during cooking. 

Built-in wall ovens are usually surrounded by a frame to match the cabinetry in your kitchen. If you start noticing that this framing gets hot when you have the oven on, it could be a sign that the insulation around the oven has deteriorated and the heat is leaking through. In severe cases, this would be a fire hazard. However, this is rarely that serious unless the oven is extremely old. An appliance repair professional can open up the casing of the oven and install new insulation to prevent the problem. 

Problem: The wall oven only works intermittently. 

In most cases, if the oven is only working intermittently, this will be an issue caused by a faulty power supply. Unlike a regular oven connected to a stove, you will not be able to pull the stove out and make sure the stove is plugged in. Instead, the wall unit will have to be pulled out to examine the wiring in the back, which is usually a direct connection and not a plugin. It is not uncommon for older wall units to develop problems with the wiring due to age. 

Problem: The wall oven does not hold temperature to preheat as it should. 

There are actually a few problems that can make an oven lose heat. One, the insulation that surrounds the unit may have settled or broken down to prevent adequate heat-holding. Secondly, the seal around the oven's door may be damaged or so old that the rubber is drying out, which means heat escapes through the door when the oven is on. In either case, these are problems that are fairly simple to have fixed by a professional. It is best, however, that you don't use the oven until the issues are fixed because baking ability will be drastically compromised. 

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