3 Tips For Replacing A Submersible Well Pump

Many residential properties rely on private wells to access the water needed for indoor plumbing. These wells must have access to a functional pump in order to move water from the well and into a home. Submersible pumps are commonly found in private wells, so knowing how to effectively replace one of these pumps will allow you to better maintain your home's water system in the future.

Here are three tips that you can use when replacing your submersible pump to ensure the process is successful in the future.

1. Make sure your old pump is faulty before investing in a new one.

Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing a new submersible pump before checking to see that the old one really is malfunctioning. If you suspect that a faulty pump is the cause of your home's water problems, remove the old pump and wire it directly to the power source supplying electricity to your well's pump system.

If the pump starts working when hardwired to the power source, then faulty wiring is the problem. If the pump still doesn't function when hardwired, then you can purchase a new pump.

2. Purchase the same make and model.

When you are replacing a faulty submersible well pump, it can be tempting to purchase the latest-and-greatest model available on the market. It's important to recognize that your home's well system is designed specifically to work with the submersible pump you are removing.

Investing in a new pump that is the same make and model as your old one will ensure that you are able to seamlessly integrate the new pump into your water supply system without compatibility problems affecting your water availability in the future.

3. Replace accessories when installing a new pump.

As you make the effort to replace your old submersible pump, you should also take the time to replace any accessories that could affect the pump's performance.

Adding a new safety chain, replacing dated PVC pipes, and installing new brass pipe fittings when you are replacing a submersible pump will ensure that your new pump can operate at maximum efficiency levels over time.

Replacing a faulty submersible well pump doesn't have to be difficult. Take the time to ensure your old pump really is faulty, purchase a new pump of the same make and model as the old one to ensure compatibility, and replace accessories along with your pump to keep your home's well system functioning efficiently well into the future. For more information about well pumps and other accessory options, contact a professional pump company, such as Modern Pump & Equipment.