A Window Here, A Window There: 3 Tips For Choosing What Types Go Where

Windows are everywhere in your home, but the windows used are different in a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Some of the windows may be uniform and standard, while other windows are custom with unique sizes. Standard windows may be fine for using replacement inserts, while others may require new installation with windows that are fabricated according to specific sizes. Here are some tips that will help you choose the windows you need for renovations to your home:

1. The Confusion of Replacement Windows and Where They Are Used

Do you know what a replacement window is? These are special types of windows that are usually used for renovations of standard window sizes. Replacements are installed inside the existing casing of the old windows. The design saves on labor when installing new windows, but the old frames must be in good condition and the right size for replacement windows to work. Replacements work best in areas where standard sized windows are usually used. Standard sizes are most common in smaller rooms like a bedroom, study or home office.

2. Understanding Where New Windows Are the Best Solution for Improvements

Where replacements cannot be used, usually new installation is needed. Sometimes, openings that have extensive water damage and rot will require new window installation. There may also be some areas of your home where odd size windows were used, which may also require new window installation if replacement windows are not manufactured in the standard size. When you want to change the size of openings, you will also need to have new windows installed. Make a diagram of all the openings in your home, and mark the new windows and opening sizes.

3. Custom Windows and Glass Replacements Where They Are Needed for Renovations

Custom windows are also areas where you may want to have renovations done. You have a couple of options for custom windows; glass replacement is one of the choices, and a window repair contractor will replace the old glass for new energy efficient materials. If the glass cannot be replaced, you will want to talk with a window manufacture about making a new window for renovations. For antique windows that you want to save, it is best to have them removed and restored by a professional service.

When installing windows for home renovations, some maybe standard replacements, while others require different solutions. Contact a window installation contractor to help evaluate your home and update the windows and doors. Companies like Central Glass Company are a great place to start for your window needs.