3 Ways To Give Your Home Energy Efficiency With A Roof Replacement

When it comes time to replace the roof on your home, why not add energy efficiency? By doing simple improvements like using a better underlayment or lighter color shingle, you will be able to reduce energy loss and make your home more efficient. There are also newer energy efficient roofing products and roof coatings that can add even more energy efficiency to your home. If you want more energy efficiency and need a new roof, the following are some improvements that can be done with your roof replacement to help:

1. Installing A Roofing Underlayment That Is More Durable And Efficient

The underlayment of conventional asphalt shingles is usually a felt paper material. This is an affordable material, but does little to protect from leaks or help with energy efficiency. Today, there are many alternatives available, which do not have to cost too much more. Synthetic underlayments are available, which are plastic-like and solve many problems with roofing. The synthetic underlayment can lay flat on the roof, preventing ripples, as well as be resistant to tearing, which is a common problem with conventional felt papers.

2. Using Lighter Colored Materials And Alternatives To Give Your Home A Cool Roof

Lighter colored roofing materials are known as cool roof systems. These systems are often used on commercial buildings, but they can also be a good solution for an asphalt roof. If you want to use an alternative material, there are many synthetic materials to choose from too. These materials not only help keep your home cool, but they can provide more insulation and even be more durable than conventional asphalt shingles.

3. Roofing Coatings That Add Durability And Energy Efficiency To New And Old Roofs

Another option you may want to consider for a cool roof is to have a roof coating installed on your home. This is the process of installing a light-colored sealant, which helps to reflect heat. Adding a roof coating to your home can also be a good way to extend the life of conventional shingles. It can even be installed if you do not need to have your roof replaced or used on areas of your home where direct sunlight causes significant heat gain during the winter months.

These are some improvements that can be done with your roof replacement to help reduce the energy consumption of your home. It may be time for you to contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about replacing your old shingles with some of these energy efficient roofing solutions.

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