Small Business Owners ~ Use These Paint Ideas To Make Your Office Space Appear Larger

Do you have a business office that is operated from a small commercial space? Perhaps you have no options when it comes to relocating. You may love your business location and it may even meet your current needs. Perhaps your only problem is that your space looks cramped and smaller than it actually is. If so, the following information will help you to better understand how painting schemes can create the illusion that your office space is larger. 


Painted stripes on walls may distract eyes away from the size of a room in a positive manner and create an awe effect. This illusion can be created with horizontal or vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes can create the illusion that walls are wider than they actually are, and vertical stripes can shift visual focus upwards rather than centrally. For a subliminal combination use alternate light-colored stripes that are close to the same hue. 

Ceiling Height Illusion

This illusion involves painting a portion of the ceiling the same color as the walls in a room. Use the paint to cover the ceiling, but leave a portion in the middle of the ceiling. Color this center area a different color. The idea is to create a faux high height effect without making the ceiling the focal point

Gradual Radiation of Color

This involves using several colors of paint that are similar to each other. The colors should be painted in a radiating manner. For example, paint using lightest to darkest hue or darkest to lightest hue. The idea is to gradually build from one color palette to the other. 

Receding Wall Illusion

This is a good paint illusion if you are a person who prefers darker colors. You will still need to use a light color to complete the effect, but most of the paint will be in your preferred dark hue. The paint scheme is created by painting the walls with a dark color, but create a light-colored border of your choice. Dark colors recede and light colors advance, which means that this paint scheme will make the darker color appear more recessed. 

A commercial painting service is a good resource to use to discover more ways that paint can make your office space appear more spacious and inviting. They are the best option for paint schemes that require more definition and precision such as the blending of colors that is required to create a radiating color illusion.