3 Questions To Ask Propane Delivery Services

While some individuals have natural gas to heat their home, others use propane. Many enjoy propane because of the benefits it brings to the table. However, there are a few things you need to know about propane before switching companies or changing your home over to it. By taking the time to ask a potential propane provider the following questions, you can make sure you are getting what you need at a price that is going to work for you and your needs.

Is there a minimum amount required per delivery?

Most companies have some sort of minimum delivery requirements. For some, it might be that you have to fill your tank. Others might only require 100-200 gallons. You need to know what the minimums are, so that way you can better plan for what to expect in terms of your budget.

Do you have to get a delivery every month?

Another important question to ask is whether you have to get a certain amount delivered each month or if you can simply call when you are in need of fuel. Some companies have a recurring fill where they deliver a set amount of gallons per month, while others won't come out with additional fuel until you call and set up an appointment. You want the deliveries to coincide with your pay dates, needs and budget.

Do you have to buy the tank or can you rent it?

A key consideration to getting propane is knowing whether you are able to rent the tank or if you have to buy it. Generally, renting a tank means you don't have to worry about any maintenance on the tank. On the other hand, buying one means that you are the one responsible for anything that might go wrong.

Rentals also mean that you can get another tank delivered pretty quickly if something is wrong with the one you have. Buying one means you have to save the money to purchase a new one, which isn't always easy for some individuals. Typically, a rental requires just a small fee each month to cover the cost of the tank. Your propane provider can go over all of this with you beforehand.

When you know the answers to the questions above, you can easily make an informed decision about whether propane is in your best interest or not. Regardless of what you might think you know, all propane companies are different. It's important that you compare the different options before making a final decision on which one to go with.

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