Where To Install Access Control Systems In Your Factory

You probably already know that controlling access within your factory is important if you want to prevent theft, keep employees safe and maintain order. Although posting signage and employing security guards can help you maintain control of who enters where, it can be challenging to keep a close eye on what's going on in a large factory setting.

Luckily, an industrial locksmith can help you by installing access control systems throughout the property. There are various types of systems that you can implement; for example, some require a code to be entered for entry, while others require employees to swipe their badges. You can talk to an industrial locksmith about the best options for your factory.

At the Entrance to the Parking Lot

First of all, you probably do not want to let anyone into your parking area who does not work there. Keeping access to your parking lot restricted will help reduce theft and vandalism of the outside of your property and of cars in the parking lot. Using a gate that opens with an access control system is a great way to restrict access. You may also choose to employ a security officer at the gate who can check IDs and visitor passes.

At the Building Entrance

As an extra barrier of protection to prevent the wrong people from getting into your factory, you can also use an access control system to restrict access into your building. During operating hours, you may want to use a buzz-in system with a security guard so that you can allow prospective employees and other visitors inside the building. Otherwise, everyone should have to swipe a badge or enter a code to get inside. Restricting who can enter the building is important for safety reasons and to help prevent theft and other problems.

In Restricted Areas

Certain areas of your factory should be restricted so that only authorized employees may enter. You may want to restrict areas that contain dangerous equipment, areas that hold expensive equipment or stock and areas that contain sensitive documents. In these areas, you may want to require a badge swipe; then, you can track which employees are and are not allowed to enter these areas and can track who is swiping their badge.

Restricting access to certain areas of your factory is important for security reasons. Luckily, you can talk to an industrial locksmith about your needs so that you can have the best and most effective access control systems installed. To find out more, speak with a business like Vista Lock & Safe Co.