Oil Burner Service: Maintenance You Can Do At Home

Oil burners are efficient and effective heating furnaces. However, they can be much more sensitive to the conditions that other furnace heating implements can withstand a lot longer. If you want to avoid oil burner service and repairs, there are a few maintenance things you can do which keep your oil burner functioning properly.

Bleed the Line

There is a pipeline that brings oil into your home and directly to your oil burner. Like a water heater, the burner has to be "bled" a little bit at least once a year. Some oil burners may need you to "bleed" them every time a fresh tank of oil is delivered. Bleeding the line means you open the little port at the bottom or side of the burner and allow a some of the oil to run out. This allows the little bit of sediment in the oil to filter through the port and encourages the inward flow of fresh oil by the slight vacuum created when you open the port.

Change the Filter

Just as you would change the oil filter or air filter in your car, so you can change the oil filter in your oil burner. Electric and gas furnaces have to have a new air filter every month. You may want to do the same and provide your oil burner with a new oil filter monthly. Try to change it just before you receive a fresh shipment of oil for the season or the month so that the filter can be oiled by the fresh oil and not by the dregs left in your tank.

Check the Electrodes

The electrodes in an oil burner are responsible for igniting the oil. They have quite a high voltage, so you will need to turn off your burner and unplug it or switch off the related fuse in your home's fusebox. Then you can remove the lid of the compartment where the electrodes are located. Check them for corrosion or signs that they may cause a fire. If you know how to replace them, or you can figure out how to replace them, do so. It will save you quite a bit of money when you do not hire an electrical contractor and ask him or her to install the new electrodes. Keep the power to your oil burner off until the electrodes have been cleaned, exaimined and removed or replace.

For these and other maintenance tasks, you can also contact a professional service like Shearman Oil Inc.