4 Steps To Remove Scratches From Your Custom Glass Windows

If you have custom glass windows at home, it can be disheartening to find scratches on them. These types of windows can't just be replaced by heading to your local hardware store and choosing any window glass you find. They require contacting the manufacturer of the custom windows. Before you get them replaced, try repairing the glass with the following steps.

Inspect the Scratches

Unfortunately, not all window scratches can be repaired, so the first step is to figure out if the scratches are deep or shallow. Investigate each window scratch, taking into consideration its depth and length. A scratch that can be repaired is only on the top surface of the glass film. If it begins going into the glass, it becomes a crack, and the following steps won't do you much good. A good way to tell is by gently touching the scratch with your fingernail. If any of your fingernail disappears into the scratch, it is probably too deep to repair.

Start With a Clean Surface

Another step you need to take before you start removing the scratches is getting your windows clean. The custom window glass needs to be clean of all fingerprints, lint, and buildup that might be on the window. Use lint-free cloth and a good glass cleaner, or you can clean the window with diluted vinegar. If your cloth keeps leaving streaks or lint behind on the window, try using a squeegee. These are safe to use on all types of windows and are often more effective. Once the surface is clean, mark the scratches with a grease pencil so you know the exact location of the damage.

Use Polishing Powder Mix

There are a few ways to get rid of a window glass scratch, but polishing powder tends to be at the top of the list. You can get polishing powder mix either on its own or in a complete glass scratch repair kit. Either way you go, the manufacturer should supply instructions on mixing the powder with water. It is important to read the package since each mix might have slightly different powder and water ratios. The bowl might get ruined with the powder, so use a disposable bowl instead of a glass one from your kitchen.

Start Polishing

If you purchased a glass scratch repair kit, a polishing pad will have come with the mix. If not, you need to purchase this separately. When your powder mix is complete, remove the backing from the polishing pad and attach it to the rubber backing it came with. This will then attach to your electric drill. Get a cloth to apply some of the polishing powder on the window scratches. Now grab your drill with the polishing pad and turn it on low speed.

Put it on the area with the polishing powder, and let it move in a circular motion. Polish the scratches for a few seconds at a time, occasionally pulling away to get more powder. When you have done this a few times, clean the window to see if any scratches remain.

For more information, contact Wildwood Glass Company Inc. or a similar company.