Unique Asphalt Driveway Options

If you have a gravel driveway, and you wish to upgrade to an asphalt surface, you will soon be enjoying a driveway that is durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. You may want to consider using asphalt a bit differently than most homeowners so your driveway does not look like the home next door. Here are a few ways you can use asphalt on your driveway without having the traditional smooth, black surface everyone else in town has placed on their property.

Use Tar And Chip Asphalt 

Have an asphalt service pour a tar and chip mixture over your gravel so your driveway continues to appear like a rock surface with the properties of asphalt. Tar and chip is made from asphalt that has stone aggregate sifted within the material. It will give you a high-traction driveway that will be strong and long-lasting. The color is a bit lighter than traditional asphalt driveways, giving it a more natural appearance.

Try Using Recycled Asphalt

If you wish to help the environment, having a recycled asphalt driveway placed is an excellent way to reuse materials while gaining the benefits of a durable surface at the same time. When a homeowner, business, or town decides to remove an asphalt surface, it is crumbled into small pieces that can be reused somewhere else. 

The look of a recycled driveway is granular in appearance when it is first placed. In time, the oils within will allow the pieces to adhere to each other, leaving you with a smooth surface that you can be proud about. This type of driveway will also save you money, as it will cost less to reuse asphalt.

Enjoy Decorated Asphalt

Asphalt can be dressed up by using stamping equipment to push impressions into the surface before it dries. Steel metal templates are used to give your driveway the look of brick, cobblestone, or pavers with ease. Let your contractor know which pattern interests you and they will press it into the asphalt when the driveway is being constructed. 

If you would rather have a colored driveway, you can ask your asphalt contractor to use colored asphalt instead of the standard black or gray hues. If you decide you would like a bright color or several shades of color, you can add them on your own using asphalt paint. This also allows you to place patterns, wording, or pictures directly on your driveway, leaving you with a unique surface to enjoy.