How To Get More People To Use Your Recycling Bins

If you own a business, you should consider putting recycling bins throughout your business. There are a lot of benefits that come from offering employees and customers quick and easy access to a recycling bin. Getting employees and customers to use a recycling bin will help keep your property cleaner, give you a more respectable image and allow you to earn cash you can put toward benefits for your employees. However, it can be hard to actually convince some people to use the recycling bin. This article will provide you with creative ways you can lead more people toward using the recycling bin.

Dress the bin up – By adding pizzazz to the recycling bin, you can make it fun for people to use it. You can dress it up to look like your company's mascot or a fun character of your choice. This will have people wanting to "feed" it, especially children. With a little paint, a wig from a costume store and a bit of imagination, you can bring the bin to life.

Hold recycle raffles – You can have a raffle ticket dispenser next to the recycling bin. Put up a notice informing your customers that they can take a raffle ticket when they deposit something into the bin. Each hour, you can give something away to one lucky winner. The prize doesn't have to be huge and it can even be something that benefits your company. An example of a good prize would be a 10% coupon off an item you are trying to sell more of. You can also give out free drinks, small stuffed animals for the children or any other low-cost items you feel are appropriate for your customers.

Make it a game – You can also take the lid off the recycling bin and add a large basketball hoop to the top of it. This will get people wanting to see how good their aim is by tossing their recyclables into the hoop. You'll find that the majority of people will pick up their items when they miss and put them into the bin, so you won't have to worry too much about trash getting spread around the grounds.

By getting creative with your recycling bins, you can convince a lot more people to do the right thing and put their recyclable items where they belong, in the bin. People are always looking for ways to have a little fun and the tips above will do that.

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