The Benefits Of A Whole House Humidifier

A whole house humidifier is a great upgrade to have installed in your house. The whole house humidifier works by creating water vapor that is then distributed throughout your entire home via your duct work. There are numerous benefits of controlling the humidity in your home's air. These benefits greatly outweigh the cost of having the humidifier installed. See below for a few of those benefits.

Healthier Environment

Dry air can cause a number of health problems. Problems such as dry skin, hair, nails and lips. It can also cause your nasal passages to become dry and can cause bloody noses. Dry air can also make you more susceptible to the common cold and to the flu, as your mucous membranes can't work as well to prevent this from happening when they are dried out. Dry air can also make allergy symptoms worse. Using a humidifier can help prevent these issues from happening in the cold winter months.

Preserve Furniture

Dry air can also cause your furniture to become dried out and damage it. Leather furniture can dry out and begin to peel or even bubble. Wood furniture can dry out, losing it's shine, and can possibly begin to crack or splinter. Wood floors can also be damaged from dry air. It can shrink in the dry air and also crack or splinter. Using a humidifier will help your furniture look it's best year after year.

More Convenient

A whole house humidifier is much more convenient than having humidifiers in every single room of your home, or worse, moving the humidifier from room to room wherever you are. You also do not have to fill water tanks every single day like you would have to with the smaller, portable humidifiers. You also have to worry about having a place to store those portable humidifiers when not in use, which is also an inconvenience. The whole house humidifier stays attached to your heating system, you don't have to worry about moving it.

Lower Heating Bill

With more humidity in your air, you can actually lower your thermostat, which will help you save money on your heating bills. More humid air will make you feel warmer and more comfortable in lower temperatures. With low humidity, you can raise your thermostat, but not necessarily feel warmer. 

The cost to have a whole house humidifier installed is nothing compared to the benefits of having the humidifier installed. Improved air quality in your home can greatly increase your health during the cold winter months, and can reduce your heating costs. Talk to places like Reliable Building Services for more information.