How To Remodel A Small Bathroom

If your home is older, the bathrooms are likely to be on the smaller side. Fortunately, just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean you can't have large aspirations. When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, there are many things to consider. Here are a few tips that will help you remodel a small bathroom.

Glass Block Window

As you may know from firsthand experience, a window in the shower can lead to rotting bathroom walls. Therefore, it is often best to not have a window placed inside the enclosure of the shower. However, if this is simply not an option, you should consider installing a glass block window, which will be able to stand up to water. With a glass block window, the trimmings and the actual window are made of materials that are rot-proof. Also, glass block windows don't require the use of blinds or vinyl curtains for privacy. This is a major advantage, as blinds and vinyl curtains tend to be prone to mold. The construction of this type of window is seamless, so the chances of water seeping into the walls are much lower.

Remove the Bathtub

If you have a small bathroom, you're probably aiming to make it feel as large as possible. One way you can do this is by removing the bathtub and replacing it with a large, spacious shower. Ideally, you should stick with a one-piece shower pan, as construction is simple and this design tends to be very resilient to leaks. Construction of the traditional shower pan, on the other hand, tends to be very mistake-prone.

Toilet and Sink

When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, you should definitely aim to have a wall-hung toilet and sink installed. Not only will a wall-hung toilet and sink open up a considerable amount of space in your bathroom, but it will also simplify floor cleaning, as there will be fewer dirt-catching corners and edges to worry about. In fact, the toilet and sink themselves are often far easier to clean due to greater accessibility. Often times, the height of the toilet or sink is adjustable at installation, so you can choose the height that is best for your needs.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom. Just follow the tips listed above, and you will likely be satisfied with the result of the remodeling project. Speak with experts like Shower Doors & More for more information.