How To Save Your Carpet After A Fire

Most of the time carpets that have sustained fire damage aren't worth saving. In addition to the stains from soot and the smell from the smoke, carpets that have gone through a fire may sustain water damage from the firefighters. However, in cases where homeowners hope to save their fire-damaged carpet, following these steps can help.

Contact A Fire Restoration Company

Homeowners who assume they can fix their carpet themselves are usually incorrect. The water damage alone is enough to ruin the carpet and must be dried immediately. In addition, homeowners that try to remove the soot without the special tools can actually work the soot deeper into the carpet and stain it permanently. Finally, even if the soot is removed and the carpet is effectively dried, the smell from the smoke may persist without professional treatment.

Your first phone call—within the first hour of deciding that the carpet must be saved—should be to the fire restoration company like Disaster Specialist. Book an appointment and consultation for fire damage cleanup immediately.

Open the Windows and Turn On the Fans

Waterlogged carpet must be dried within the first 72 hours or it will begin to grow mold. Open all the windows and doors in your home to release the moisture from the air. Turn on your fans and climate control, if possible.

Under ordinary conditions, removing the carpet and hanging it outside would be the best policy. However, handling the fire-damaged carpet can force the soot deeper into the carpet fibers; therefore, the carpet must be left where it is. As you wait for the fire restoration company to arrive, the best policy is to simply provide fresh air to the room and avoid walking on the carpet until it is repaired.

You May Vacuum if You're Careful

If your carpet isn't soaking wet and the soot-stained section of the carpet is small, you may try to use a home vacuum cleaner to remove the soot from the carpet while you're waiting for the arrival of the professional. Don't touch the carpet with the vacuum, however. Hover the hose from the vacuum just over the carpet fibers and use this method to suck as much soot from the carpet as you can.

Once you've sucked as much soot from the carpet as you can, the best policy is to wait for the arrival of the fire restoration professional. With luck and hard work, your carpet may be restored to its original condition.