How To Get Rid Of A Wet Basement

When you walk into your basement, the last thing you want to step into is a wet, soggy mess. Even worse that a surprisingly wet basement is the problem of a basement that is perpetually wet and flooded. This issue can be extremely frustrating, not to mention damaging to your home's floors and walls. Rather than continue to go through the cycle of cleaning up flooding and wet, soggy messes, you can try to find a more permanent solution to your wet basement problem. Consider your options and give one or more of them a try to solve your basement woes once and for all. 

Check Your Gutters And Downspouts

When you have a basement that floods repeatedly, the solution may be as simple as a problem with your gutters or drain spouts. So, the first thing you will want to do is get up on your roof and inspect your gutters.

When you are checking your gutters, look for rust or holes that could allow water to fall directly down along the walls of your house. Also, look for any gaps between the gutter and your home through which water can leak. The water that falls directly down from the edge of your home can easily flood your basement through the foundation.

Your downspouts are designed to carry water from your gutters and away from your house's structure. If they do not function properly or are not long enough, they could be the reason your basement floods. Downspouts should be securely fitted to the ends of your gutters and should also extend at least five feet away from your home.

Fix Or Install A Drainage System

Your home should have footing drains designed to keep water from flooding and accumulating in your home. However, sometimes these footing drains can become damaged or are completely non-functional. 

Contact a plumbing contractor to help you inspect your footing drains and to repair any damage. If you do not have a properly functioning drainage system in place, you can have a system installed. A french drain is something akin to a trench that keeps water from entering your home and carries it downhill away from your home. 

Use An Interior System To Remove Water

When all of these other methods will not keep the water from getting into your basement, you will need to resort to other methods to drain water from your home. Installing a water pump system in your basement will essentially collect water that infiltrates your home and pump it back out again.

The installation of a pump will require you to drill into the floor and/or the walls of your basement to install the pipes and collect tank necessary for proper drainage. It is best to hire a skilled plumber to do this work so that you do not cause unnecessary damage to your home. 

A wet and damp basement can be frustrating for any homeowner, but there are solutions available to take care of the problem. All you need to do is give these methods a try and you will have a comfortable, dry basement in no time. Talk to an expert, such as Drainline Plumbing & Sewer Specialist, for more information.