4 Tips For Keeping Your Yard In Great Shape All Year

Whether you enjoy gardening or you like to use your yard for entertaining guests, it's helpful to do your landscaping with all seasons in mind. By landscaping for each season, you'll be able to relax with less yard work and won't need to deal with any significant problems regarding your yard throughout the year. The following four tips can help prepare your yard for many of the problems you might expect in each season.

Carefully Plan for Water Retention

Both heavy rainfall and snow can cause your landscaping to look less than perfect, with plants sliding down hills or gravel beginning to be damaged. Instead of allowing this to occur when there is a lot of moisture in the air, you can put in the effort to try out different water retention strategies. For example, including plants that have deep, hardy roots and choosing mulch that won't slide away when wet.

Get an Irrigation System Installed

When the summer arrives, you'll likely need to increase the frequency of watering to keep your lawn and plants looking green. An easy way to combat the high water bill you may be expecting is through getting an irrigation system installed. These work by watering your plants and lawn with a set amount of water and on a timer, allowing you to water based on your preferred schedule.

Choose Resilient Plants for All Seasons

Keeping your yard lush and vibrant is often attributed to the plants that you choose. In order for your yard to look great during all four seasons, you'll need to pick out plants that will do well in all weather extremes. By picking out plants that look lively in all four seasons, you won't need to worry about switching out any of your landscaping throughout the year.

Focus on Yard Work During Appropriate Seasons

Many people have plans for installing new walkways or adding a vegetable garden in their yard at some point, but it can be a challenge to do this if you don't plan ahead. Since most plants need time to get strong, you'll want to focus on planting and making any major changes during the spring and summer.

Landscaping doesn't need to be tough when you have all four seasons in mind. By making some preparations and choosing both plants and landscaping systems that will be useful all year, you'll be able to enjoy your yard regardless of the season. Contact a landscape architect for more information.