Troubleshooting Garage Door Spring Problems

Garage doors are controlled by two sets of springs. The torsion springs are located above the garage door when it is in its closed position. These springs balance the weight of the door. The extension springs, placed on either side of the garage door near the upper track, provide the lift for the garage door. Knowing the common problems caused by the springs can help you properly troubleshoot any issues with your garage door.

Problem: Uneven Opening Issues

Cause: The most common cause of uneven opening is in the springs. The cables that attach the torsion or extension springs can become worn over time. You can visually inspect the spring cables for signs of damage, such as fraying. Replacing the cables will usually fix the problem.

In some cases, the cables are fine and the problem is with the pulley. The pulley may become stuck, or the spring cables may become tangled around the pulley. Generally, a cable and pulley replacement fixes the issue.

Problem: Trouble Closing or Opening

Cause: The cause depends on the type of trouble. If the door doesn't open completely, either the one of the springs is broken or there is a bend in the track. A visual inspection will quickly determine the cause. In some cases, the door will still open but it will move exceptionally slow. A broken extension or torsion spring is the cause.

Doors that fail to close completely may suffer from one of several problems. Misaligned safety sensors are the most common cause, so a simple alignment can quickly fix the problem. If the sensors are aligned, check the track for bends, damage or debris that could be causing the jam. If the track is in good repair, the problem is likely caused by worn extension spring cable pulleys. Replacement of the pulleys will solve the problem.

Problem: Failure to Operate

Cause: If the door completely fails to open or close, first check that the remote unit and main opener are functioning. If these are in good working order, the problem likely lies in the springs. You can easily tell with a visual inspection if one of the springs or cables has busted. Often, you will hear a loud bang when the spring breaks.

Spring issues are difficult to fix on your own. The springs are under heavy tension, so trying to replace or adjust them on your own can result in major injury or damage to your garage. It's best to diagnose the problem visually, but to leave the actual repair to a professional like Plano Overhead Garage Door.