Cool Roof: Transforming Your Roof For Savings

When it is time to replace your roofing, saving money is most likely on your mind. The roofing that you choose can impact your future energy costs. To help lower your energy costs, you can choose a cool roof. No matter what type of roofing material is installed, you can have a cool roof.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof has a longer lifespan that most other roofing materials, but they can be poor reflectors of the sun. The more exposure to the heat your roof has, the more heat is pulled into your home.  The increased heat can be good in the winter, but in the summer months, your cooling costs can go through the roof.

A good way to make your metal roof more of a cool roof is to paint it. A painted roof increases in its ability to reflect the sunlight. For added efficiency, you can opt for the placement of a reflective coating on your roof.

Shingle and Tile Roofing

A shingle roof can be made of differing materials including asphalt and wood. The shingles are laid so that they overlap each other to create a covering for your home. Unfortunately, the way in which they are laid can also allow for heat and cool to enter into and escape from your home.

If you plan to use asphalt for your roofing, select the specially coated asphalts with granules. The granules help to reflect the sun better. Other roofing materials such as the wood should be treated with a coating before they are laid. A higher coating will provide you even more efficiency.

Tile roofing can be made of concrete, clay, and slate. Depending on the type of roofing, you might not need to take further steps to get the most reflective effect. However, you can have your tiles coated with a glaze to help increase their solar reflection properties and cool down your roof. An added bonus is that the tiles are more waterproof with the glaze that has to be used.

Your roofing contractor, like those at Ideal Construction, can discuss other ways to cut down on your energy costs. A cool roof might cost more money upfront, but the savings on your energy bills through the years will more than make up for it. Simple moves, such as ordering tiles that are coated, can make a large impact on how reflective your roofing materials are.