4 Types Of Faucet Innovations Coming To New Homes

Faucets have been around since 1700 B.C.E. And, while other areas of homes have seen dramatic upgrades, such as lighting and design, the faucet has remained relatively the same—that is, until now. Here are four faucets starting to hit the markets and find their way into new home construction.

Faucets That Measure

You might know someone that can run a pan under a faucet and measure out two cups using only their eyes. Good for them. They're not you. You still need stacks of measuring cups — or a faucet.

Although you'll still need those measuring cups for other ingredients, newer faucets allow you to enter in the exact amount you need. The benefits of the faucet range from helping you cook to saving water when you need a sink filled for dishes.

Faucets That Sense

Motion sensor faucets are nothing new. They've been used in public bathrooms for a few decades now to cut down on water waste. However, they're still not as effective as they could be as they can turn on when other objects come across their sensors.

Newer sensor faucets have technology that can determine when the object in front of it is a human. Since the average human body gives off 22 picoFarads, newer faucets are being designed to read for this specific heat energy signature. These faucets are perfect for people with egg, chicken, or other contents on their hands that they don't want to get all over their kitchen.

Faucets That Stretch

Like motion-sensing faucets, flexible faucets are nothing new. However, the newer flexing faucets provide and additional trait — stretching. The advantage here is that if you have a taller pot you need to fill (or wash) in the sink, you can raise the faucet to accommodate it. Additionally, you can also curve or bend it to fill tea kettles or other objects that might be hard to fill in a traditional sink.

Faucets That Fill

Some faucets use a self-timer that limits the amount of water that sprays each time you hit it. While not a bad concept in practice, they're usually not perfect for everyone, and they either provide too little water or break and become hard to turn on or off.

Some companies are designing faucets that come with levers that allow you to determine how much water you want to come out. The lever is great for teaching kids about conservation. Some even provide multiple settings in case you want different amounts for washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

To make sure that these faucet innovations are included in your home, contact a builder like MVM Custom Homes Inc.